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Langham Industries is a major UK engineering group renowned for supplying high-quality products and services to the marine, motorsport and defence sectors.

We deliver excellence in engineering and marine services across a strategic portfolio of highly-specialised, market-leading businesses. 

Our group has grown steadily over the years, with each acquisition complementing the portfolio’s existing businesses. Langham Industries is a family business and long-term investor in its group companies.  Today those businesses include those in the Stone Marine Group, Portland Port and Tridan Engineering.  

Langham Industries HISTORY


Our founder, John Langham formed Langham Industries in 1980 with the acquisition of Stone Manganese Marine, a world-leading manufacturer of marine propellers, now known as Stone Marine Propulsion.


Stone Foundries, the largest UK light-alloy foundry serving the aerospace industry, and Stone Fasteners, a leading manufacturer of aircraft rivets and specialist nails, joined our group in 1982.


Christopher Langham, a qualified engineer, joined the Group in 1983 after working for Dunlop Tyres and the Ford Motor Company, and studying business at Harvard University.


Tridan Engineering was purchased in 1989 to provide a world-class machining facility for the aerospace and other technology industries already served by the Group.


In 1996 the former naval base at Portland in Dorset was purchased from the Ministry of Defence. We’ve since developed this excellent deep-water facility and 2,000 acre sheltered harbour into a successful commercial port


Stone Marine Services was founded by Langham Industries. Today it offers ship owners and vessel management companies a global and comprehensive service in propulsion equipment and deck machinery, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.


Stone Marine Shipcare was formed. A world-leading specialist in marine propulsion, Stone Marine Shipcare provides comprehensive maintenance and repair services for fixed pitch and Nakashima controllable pitch propellers, thruster units and other associated propulsion equipment fitted to vessels of all types and sizes.

Our people

John langham photo

John Langham, Founder

Langham Industries was founded in 1980 by John Langham, a passionate engineer with a vision. 

John studied Mechanical Engineering at Cambridge University and followed a career in the engineering industry. At a time when many UK engineering companies were in decline, John created Langham Industries with the aim of developing a globally competitive and truly customer-focused organisation.

chris langham photo

Christopher Langham, Managing Director

Christopher Langham, a qualified engineer, joined the Group in 1983 after working for Dunlop Tyres and the Ford Motor Company, and studying business at Harvard University.