Stone Marine Services

Stone Marine Services combines a rich heritage of marine engineering skills and experience to provide ship owners and vessel management companies with the expert knowledge required to complete the most demanding projects.

Founded in 1999, Stone Marine Services now operates from three strategic locations in the UK, South Africa and Namibia. From these service centres the company provides clients in the maritime industry with a comprehensive service, repair and parts solution, 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day.

what we do

Skills and expertise

Main Propulsion
From a planned docking to emergency repair, Stone Marine Services provides a wealth of experience in the servicing and repair of main propulsion equipment such as controllable pitch propellors (CCP), tunnel thrusters, 360-degree steerable propulsion and steering gear.
Stern Seal Servicing
Whether the vessel is in drydock or afloat, Stone Marine Services’ team of skilled engineers and technicians can provide stern seal servicing and repair.
Marine Controls
Stone Marine Services can investigate, diagnose and repair a vast amount of controls system issues. In addition to electronic controls they can service older control systems such as hydraulic, pneumatic and even manual cable/gear controls.

Alongside failure repair, engineers regularly attend vessels to carry out health checks, thus ensuring the longevity and reliability of the control system.
Deck Machinery
For nearly 165 years the firm of Thomas Reid & Sons has been designing and manufacturing deck machinery and associated equipment.

Now under the ownership and management of Stone Marine Services, Thomas Reid deck machinery is fitted to a vast range of vessels including Her Majesty’s Royal Navy Type 23 fleet.