Bruntons Propellers

With well over a hundred years’ experience designing and manufacturing propellers, Bruntons Propellers Ltd is a world leader in propeller technology.

It is the only company that designs and manufactures every type of propeller for commercial, naval and leisure vessels, and for all types of propulsion systems including the latest electric and hybrid-powered craft.

what we do

Product portfolio

Fixed pitch, controllable pitch, feathering and folding propellers are all part of the company’s portfolio. 

Whichever propeller is chosen for a specific vessel it will benefit from both Bruntons’ design experience, and its manufacturing processes that exceed exacting international standards and classification society requirements. Products include:

Fixed Pitch Propellers and Stern Gear
Bruntons designs and supplies custom propellers up to 3m in diameter for all vessels especially where performance is paramount. Each propeller is designed to ensure maximum efficiency, providing high speeds with low fuel consumption, emissions and minimal noise and vibration. Matching stern gear is also designed and supplied for all applications with super yachts and fast naval craft a specialty.
Controllable Pitch Propeller System (CPP)
The Bruntons CPP system monitors required vessel speed and load, weather conditions and sea state, and automatically sets the correct propeller pitch to keep the required speed whilst maintaining maximum fuel efficiency. The system has different pitch control modes, allowing the operator to select the most relevant to the required operating requirements: for example, maximum power or maximum fuel efficiency.​
The Autoprop
A unique automatic pitch and feathering propeller for sailing yachts and displacement motor vessels with engines to 350hp. The Autoprop’s design reduces drag when sailing by at least 85% and changes pitch automatically to suit prevailing wind and sea conditions when motoring or motor-sailing.
The Autoprop Eco*Star
Developed to propel the rapidly growing number of hybrid and purely electric motor and sail craft, the Autoprop Eco*Star is the work of a formidable team of expert naval architects, engineers and scientists from Bruntons’ in cooperation with sister company Stone Marine Propulsion.

Insean Research, the world-renowned institute in Italy, evaluated and tested the propellers characteristics, mathematical modelling and optimisation. 

Using its auto pitching ability, the Autoprop Eco*Star matches its own efficiency curve with that of the electric motor to deliver considerable improvements in performance and economy.
Regularly fitted by notable yacht building names as Southern Wind, Baltic Yachts, Swan, Wally and Oyster Yachts, the complete range of Varifolds has a model for cruiser racing and racing yachts of every size.

Its revolutionary design delivers reductions in noise and vibration and performance under engine, both ahead and astern. Varifolds have proper helical pitch distribution, including pitch reduction towards the blade tip. This pitch reduction ‘unloads’ the blade tips and, combined with the skewed blades, reduces noisy pressure pulses against a yacht’s hull.

Each Varifold, whatever its size, is built to the same high specification from a nickel-aluminium-bronze alloy which guarantees great strength and high corrosion protection.

Cruiser racing and racing yachts can now get the best of both worlds; a folding propeller that combines low drag when sailing, with efficient and quiet power when motoring.
SigmaDrives are couplings designed to fit virtually all boats with engines up to 1300hp, from yachts to workboats, canal boats to military vessels. They are easy to fit, requiring no modifications to the craft, and can usually be fitted while still in the water. Together with its anti-noise and vibration qualities, having a SigmaDrive on your vessel also ensures that seals and bearings are always perfectly aligned, reducing wear and guaranteeing a longer trouble-free life for all associated components.