Stone Marine Propulsion

Throughout its near 200 year history, Stone Marine Propulsion has been at the leading edge of propeller design and manufacture, producing propellers that have, and still are, propelling some of the worlds most advanced vessels.

Stone Marine Propulsion’s highly trained and experienced team include a range of specialists in all aspects of propeller design and construction, including hydrodynamics, metallurgy, propeller technology and naval architecture. They work closely with naval architects and shipbuilders to ensure that the optimum propeller design is fitted to vessels.

what we do

Skills and expertise

NPT Propeller
The Stone Marine NPT propeller has been designed to maximise the efficiency of vessels employing de-rated or low revving engines. It is also proving extremely successful in reducing costs for vessels operating a ‘slow steaming’ policy and is a popular retro-fit choice.

It has proven to lower fuel consumption and emissions in-service with some of the world’s largest ship owners, giving a fast pay-back period.

In addition, with a lower blade surface area than other propellers, the NPT is a lighter and very cost-effective propeller.
Cap Fins
Stone Marine cap fins are designed to replace the existing propeller cap, and with their specially designed fins, capture some of the energy losses from the water column behind the propeller. This leads to efficiency gains of 2% or more for a modest capital outlay, giving a very quick return.
As well as designing and manufacturing propellers, fixed pitch and controllable pitch, for both commercial and naval vessels, Stone Marine Propulsion’s design and engineering teams offer extensive project and technical support for naval architects, ship constructors and, when in service, vessels owners.

The headquarters are in the UK but together with associated Stone Marine Group companies and agents, Stone Marine Propulsion provides a complete propulsion service including maintenance and repair, worldwide.